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About the authors of the MEOP-CTD database:

baptiste fabien
  • Fabien Roquet: Physical oceanographer at the Department of Meteorology of the Stockholm University (MISU, Sweden). Since his early involvement as a data engineer on the SeaOS project, Fabien has continued to develop and promote the use of elephant seals in physical oceanography. He defended his PhD in 2009 in Paris, then he spent two years at the MIT. Since then, he is in Sweden.

  • Baptiste Picard, Engineer at the University of La Rochelle (CEBC/CNRS, France). Baptiste has been active on the MEOP project since 2012. He is assisting the development of the MEOP-CTD database and associated analysis.

For any questions regarding the technology or the dataset, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email ( It is in the interest of this project that the data are used by the largest possible number of researcher and institutions, so we will hapilly help as much as we can.

Also, let us know if you are using seal-derived data. It is always very pleasant to know that our work is useful for others, and it is also of great help for the development of the MEOP project to know when and why our data have been used. © MEOP consortium 2015