Data format

Binary netCDF formats for hydrographic profiles:

  • The ncARGO format: For a thorough scientific use of the data, or for oceanographic data centers, it is advised to use the marine mammal netCDF format (files in DATA_ncARGO) as it serves as the reference. This format can be easily read in Ocean Data View  using the Import/ARGO profiles/Float profiles menu, or using your favorite data processing software (e.g. Python, Matlab, IDL). Matlab tools and python tools are also available publicly to read and manipulate files in netCDF format. 

Binary netCDF formats for timeseries:

  • DATA_ncTRAJ: This is the format used to store and distribute timeseries data.

Text-file Formats :

  • DATA_csv_interp: A csv format (ASCII) is also provided (files in DATA_csv_interp) which can be opened with Excel or any text editor. Here, only data flagged as good are included, and are given on a regular vertical grid (1dbar spacing).
  • METADATA: Complementary text files compiling the names and values of metadata in a simple text file. The metadata found in this file consists of the list of global attributes and their values in the corresponding netCDF file. © MEOP consortium 2015