MEOP-TDR Database: high spatio-temporal resolution profiles of temperature/light

Since 2008, TDR (time-depth recorder) archival tag have been deployed on elephant seals in the Kerguelen Islands in combination with CTD-SRDLs or with FastLoc GPS for the geo-positioning (C. Guinet, SO-MEMO). The loggers, either MK9 or MK10, are manufactured by Wildlife Computers and are able to measure continuously pressure, temperature and light along the seal foraging trip. The resolution and precision of temperature data is rather low, of order 0.5C, however the spatial resolution is unusually high with more than 60 profiles every day. This original dataset is now publicly available as the MEOP-TDR database. In the future, we hope to release many more TDR data, as it is one of the most widely used device in the bio-logging community.

Figure 1: Distribution of TDR profiles of temperature and light.

Figure 2: Exemple of temperature section obtained with the TDR-MK9 mk9-0890328-09. © MEOP consortium 2015