Since 2004, several hundred thousands profiles of temperature and salinity have been collected by instrumented animals. The use of elephant seals has been particularly effective to sample the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific. These hydrographic data have been assembled in quality-controlled databases that can be accessed through this portal.

The MEOP data portal distributes currently three different databases: 

To download the public data, you have to fill in a simple form following this link, asking for your name, email, who you are and what you plan to do with the data. You will then access a page with the links to the data. The MEOP-CTD, MEOP-SMS and MEOP-TDR databases can be accessed a zip file or through a read-only Dropbox folder. 

Note that the MEOP-CTD database can also be accessed from SEANOE (doi: 10.17882/45461).

In this section, the different databases are presented, together with information on how to access and how-to-cite data. © MEOP consortium 2015